Board Members

We are proud to introduce our esteemed board members who were the reason behind our vision for a prosperous business landscape.

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Mohamad AlChaer is Syrian Businessman born in Damascus, Syria, in 1963 to a Damascene family. AlChaer’s father is famous for mastering accounting and trading. AlChaer was the eldest son of Badreddin AlChaer, and after secondary schooling, he studied at Damascus University in Applied Chemistry where he graduated in 1984. He continued his education and received a master’s degree in Chemical engineering from Geneva University in 1989 with scientific cooperation with German company Sasol. AlChaer lived in Syria until 2013; he currently resides in Jordan.


In 1984 AlChaer joined the company of his father Shaer Chemical Group as technical manager. In 1989 AlChaer was appointed as General Manager for Shaer Chemical Group. In the period 1989 – 2004 AlChaer succeeded in developing the company to become one of the leading detergent companies in the Middle East. In 2009 AlChaer with AlBaraka Banking Group established AlBaraka Bank in Syria. In 2010 AlChaer was elected as Chairman-deputy for AlBaraka bank – Syria. In 2013 AlChaer established Sigma Detergents Co & Diamond Overseas Trading Co in Jordan and Sigma Chemicals Co. in Lebanon

Mr. AlChaer serves on several organization boards and had an active supporting role in other organizations such as:

1998- 2013 Syrian Detergents Committee – President.
2001- 2009 Arab Detergents Committee – Regional Representative
2001-2010 Damascus Chamber of Industry: Board Member.
2005 – 2009 Syrian Federation of Industrial Chamber – Board Member
2005 – 2013 Syrian Chemistry Society – President.
2005 – 2013 ESCWA – Consultant.
2005 – 2016 Toumohi High Education Society – Board Member
2006 – 2016 Syrian Management Consultant Association: Board Member
2004 – 2010 Participated in the preparation of the ninth and tenth five-year plan of the Syrian Arab Republic.
2007 – 2011 Member of the Syrian negotiating team in the negotiations of the Syrian-European Association Agreement
2009 – 2011 Member of the Syrian negotiating team in the negotiations of WTO Agreement

Zuhair Sahloul

Vice President

Zuhair Yassar Sahloul was born in Damascus on March 7 , 1962 . He finished his studies in Damascus in the field of Islamic banking, He established many companies in different fields including Manufacturing, food industry &
financial services, across several countries worldwide, He emerged in the field of Mony transfers and financial services to Syria from many source countries through a Wide pay out network in Syria. 

Founder & partner in the following companies:

  • 1990 Raine Factory for Sports Shoes Syria.
  • 1992 Inter Finance Co. for Financial services.
  • 1995 Sahloul Group for International Investment Syria.
  • 1996 Kingdom corporate exchange Ltd United Kingdom.
  • 2013 Nozom for Business Solutions and Programming Jordan.
  • 2015 Jawhart Midas for Electronics Jordan.
  • 2018 Damascene Food Industries Jordan.


  • Member of the Businessmen Association Syria.

  • Member of the Businessmen Association Jordan.

  • Member of the Arab Businessmen Association Jordan.

  • Member of the Small and Medium Enterprises Association Jordan.

  • Member of Al Rakhaa Association for Businessmen Jordan.

  • Member of the Palestinian Jordanian Forum for Businessmen Jordan.


Board Member

Mumtaz is currently the CEO of Orbit Aluminum Industries, a company based in Aqaba specialized in the production of High Quality Coated Aluminum Coils and Industrial Coatings for Architectural and industrial applications.

Mumtaz has over 18 years of industrial management experience holding several positions within Daaboul industrial Group, he served as the Managing Director of Madar Coil Coating, Prior to that he spent four years working for Madar Aluminum Extrusion in a variety of positions starting as process engineer, project manager, and Assistant General Manager.

Mumtaz received his Masters of Business Administration Degree in family business from Kennesaw State University, prior to that he received his Bachelors of science degree in Industrial Engineering from State University of New York, Institute of Technology.

Mumtaz served on several nonprofit organization boards and had an active supporting role in other organizations such as:

Vice president and Regional office president of Arab federation for Paint producers
Arab Federation for Engineering Industries
Board Member and Treasurer of Syrian Italian Business Council
Member of Syrian Canadian Business Association
Member of Syrian Young Entrepreneurs association


Board Member

Abdulhafez Mouaffak

Board Member

Abdulhafez Mouaffak is the CEO and General Manager of Safe Techno Plast Company, which has over
160 employees, a leading manufacturer of high-quality plastic household products based in Amman,
Jordan, that has been exporting to 16 countries. With a strong focus on client satisfaction and delivering
products that meet market demands, Abdulhafez has successfully established the company as a trusted
provider of plastic household products.
Abdulhafez Mouaffak’s education includes a Business Management program at Eurocentre Lee Green in
London. This program provided him with a comprehensive understanding of various business
management principles and strategies. Additionally, he pursued a Synthetic Business Management
course in Osaka, Japan, further enhancing his knowledge in innovative business practices. These
educational experiences have equipped Abdulhafez with the skills and insights necessary to effectively
manage his business and drive its success. In addition he is fluent in Arabic and English, enabling him to
effectively communicate with clients and business partners.
With over 35 years of experience in the manufacturing and industrial field, Abdulhafez’s journey began
in Aleppo, Syria. In 1988, he embarked on his entrepreneurial path by establishing a small workshop with
one injection machine to produce household plastic products. Through dedication and hard work, his
business grew steadily, leading him to establish larger manufacturing facilities and expand his product
In 1995, Abdulhafez further expanded his business by founding Asia Factory in Aleppo. The factory
consisted of two manufacturing lines producing ten different types of cleaning brooms. This expansion
allowed him to cater to both the local market and regional markets through exporting. Abdulhafez’s
dedication to delivering high-quality products and meeting client needs earned him a strong reputation
in the industry.
In 2000, Abdulhafez took another significant step in his career by establishing Ideal Home Factory in
Aleppo. Under his leadership, the factory specialized in manufacturing over 100 plastic household
products. With a diverse range of products, Ideal Home Factory became a trusted supplier in the local
market and expanded its reach to regional markets through exporting.
However, the outbreak of the war in Syria in 2011 brought significant challenges. Abdulhafez’s factories
were destroyed, compelling him to leave Syria and rebuild his business from scratch. With the support of
loyal clients who trusted his reputation, he established Safe Techno Plast Company in Jordan. The
company specialized in manufacturing plastic household products with a focus on high quality and a
wide range of over 200 products. Additionally, Safe Techno Plast Company excelled in providing private
labeling services for clients and supplying their products to markets in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon,
and Morocco.
Beyond his professional achievements, Abdulhafez is actively involved in NGOs and charitable initiatives,
demonstrating his commitment to giving back to the community. His extensive experience, strong
leadership skills, and industry knowledge have made him a respected figure in the manufacturing and
industrial sector.
Abdulhafez Mouaffak holds memberships in various prestigious associations and chambers, showcasing
his active involvement in the business community. These memberships include:
 Member of the board of directors in Jordan Investors Association (JIA)
 General Assembly Member in Amman Chamber of Industry
 General Assembly Member in The American Chamber of Commerce in Jordan
 General Assembly Member in East Amman Investors Industrial Association
 General Assembly Member in West and North Amman Investors Association (NWAIIA)

Mohammad Housam Kadan

Board Member

Engineer M. Housam Kadan was born in Aleppo Syria in 1968. He graduated from Aleppo University in 1992 B.A Degree in Civil Engineer as he worked in establishing Factories and industrial halls at ALSHEIKH NAJJAR industrial area – Aleppo.
Then, he moved to chips and snacks field when primarily established Housam Kadan & Co company in Syria 2000, Aladel company for food industries in Jordan 2013 and D-castle company in Turkey 2016.
Then and consequently, these successes were crowned by establishing Derby company for industry & trade in UAE and Morocco.
E. Mohammad Housam has held several positions during his life career, most important of them are:
Civil engineer at the industrial city – Aleppo, Alsheikh Najjar.
Member of the Board of Directors of the Syrian Engineers Association – Aleppo Branch
He obtained the degree of expert (opinion) – engineer in the Syrian Engineers Association in 2016
General Director at Kadan Industrial Group ( Derby Chips):
Housam Kadan & Cos – Syria
Aladel company for Food industries – Jordan
D- castle company – Turkey
Chairman of the Board of Directors at Aladel company – Jordan.
General Director at Derby for Industry and Trade – UAE.
General Director at Derby for Industry and Trade – Morrocco.