Syrian International Business Association

About siba


the Syrian International Business Association seeks to utilize the opportunities provided by the host country’s market; it also creates renewed investment opportunities, based on the distinctive features of the Syrian business constituents, in a serious attempt to fill the gaps hindering them from achieving a real and effective presence, which has the ability to develop and grow

Our Mission

To represent and empower the Syrian business community outside Syria through the generation of meaningful business and employment opportunities across sectors, development of relevant technical business skills, and integration of Syrian economic interests into the economies of host countries.

Our Vision

Serve as a visible and credible representative organization for the Syrian diaspora, catalyzing economic development opportunities for diaspora members worldwide.

Our Values

SIBA is a non-political organization supporting freedom, security, justice, human rights and respect for the law as well as democracy and law-abiding principles. SIBA also aspires to the economic values of gainful employment, prosperity, collaboration and empowerment.

Join a group of leading Syrian businessmen in Jordan, brought together by uniqueness and the ability at triggering an impact and creating a change in the Syrian business sector, with the Jordan economy and society.

2017 Board of Directors' Report

In 2017, the SIBA board of directors undertook strategic, administrative, legal and operational activities to establish the foundation for the organizations, its policies and procedures and governance. A summary of those activities can be found within this report.